What a Week!

I’ve been a bit caught up in moving and going through boxes in my garage and I’ve been ignoring my blog. I am so sorry but it has been a very productive week.

I’ve interviewed and written pieces on five different charity runners who will be running either the half or full marathon in Asheville in two weeks.

I’ve written two book reviews that will appear here in coming days.

I’ve toyed with Periscope a bit as I am thinking about live broadcasting during different spots of my half marathon on the Biltmore Estate in two weeks.

I’ve been on an education kick this month. Part of being in business for myself means I need to keep on top of the best out there for different clients. I’ve spent time this month learning about list building, landing pages, finding your niche (this one’s all for me) and other great business topics.

Lastly, I’ve been telling everyone all about my appearance, by voice only, on the Diz Runs podcast. You should check out my friend – yes, we have met in person – Denny’s podcast and our discussion which, like the topics here, bounces around from running to weather to politics to my impending move. Visit my time with Denny here.

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