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Weekend in The Rearview – Part One

I generally do a really detailed race recap but my photos did not turn out all that great and I took no photos on the bike ride on Saturday but I will still do my best.


Saturday, my step dad and I headed to Palm Springs at 7:30. When people ask, I tend to say I am in Palm Springs but the house is really in La Quinta and that is about 25 miles from Palm Springs. My 25 miles was set to go off at 9 am so we had plenty of time. The earlier distances had gone off and the 50 milers where still leaving in groups of approximately 50 when we got near the start line.

Parking was easy to find in Palm Springs and we were not far from the start line. I did not ride the bike over to the start but walked it over. While locals were in long sleeves, I had on a short sleeve bike jersey and shorts. I was never cold all day but I am use to much colder weather than Saturday’s here in the desert. I think it was approximately 60F when I left on my ride. It was overcast but no wind at all so a cycling dream.

25 mile Tour de Palm Springs
25 mile Tour de Palm Springs

Having only participated in an organized tour like this back in the mid 80s, I was a bit unsure what to expect. First, at home, I seldom have to stop. My 20 mile route has three, maybe four stop signs and no street lights at all. This route had street lights and stop signs. Cyclists were supposed to obey rules of the road. I estimated it would take me 2 hours and 5 minutes. Garmin tells me it took me 2 hours, 14 minutes but my riding time was 2 hours, 6 minutes.

Elevation of 25 mile Tour de Palm Springs
Elevation of 25 mile Tour de Palm Springs

After taking a bike ride on Tuesday to test out the bike I was borrowing, I was a bit concerned because it is so flat here. My training is on a more rolling hills type of terrain. This was anything but rolling hills but it did not seem to deter me at all. Other distances had more elevation changed.

I got off the bike and thought to myself that I could have done 50. Ha! I should really wait until I had run the half on Sunday to think such thoughts.

The bike tour expo on Friday was set up in the street near the start line in Palm Springs. There were plenty of vendors and food trucks around. It was a nice set up, especially considering the weather is generally pretty good here.

What’s your longest bike ride? Was it an organized ride or just  you out having fun? Look for my review of the new course for the Palm Desert Half tomorrow.

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