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Race Weekend

I’m going to spend my Friday picking up bibs and numbers. This is my big race weekend for the winter of 2016. I traveled over 3,000 miles to be able to do a brick of a weekend. I know, not a big deal to a triathlete, but for me, cycling on Saturday and running on Sunday is a lot for me – especially at these distances.

Tour de Palm Springs
Tour de Palm Springs

Saturday, I will hop on a borrowed bicycle and ride 25 miles with a ton of my closest – sarcasm intended – friends. There are several different distances in the Tour de Palm Springs but I picked 25 miles as it is more than I would ride on an average day but I don’t think it is so far that I will have trouble come Sunday’s half marathon. I am estimating 2 hours and 5 minutes for the ride. Who knows? Maybe, as it happens in my running races, I will cycle faster because there are other people around. Check back on Monday to see how long it actually takes me.

New Balance Palm Springs Half Marathon
New Balance Palm Desert Half Marathon

Sunday I’ll head to Palm Desert and do a half marathon. I am a bit unsure how Saturday’s 25 miles will effect my running but I am estimating 2 hours and 40 minutes on the half marathon. It is a fairly simple course, a true loop. There are hills but I do not think they are as big as the hills I have at home. Again, check the beginning of next week to see how I managed.

Are you racing this weekend? What distance? Where?

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