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Who’s Your Just in Case?

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book electronically for review purposes. All opinions are my own. The giveaway is across multiple blogs.

Small Southern towns are full of charm and full of secrets. Just in Case by Elizabeth Marx shows that Crossroads is definitely a small Southern town that has both charm and a ton of secrets. Scarlett left Crossroads, Alabama when her mother committed suicide. She never gave it a second thought but was brought back by the deaths of her grandmother and her grandfather in a house fire.


Scarlett’s mother had raised Scarlett in the north in Chicago and they only went back summers to visit with Scarlett’s grandmother. Her grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher who had to have control over everyone’s lives. No one wanted to visit with him. It was on one of these trips that Scarlett met Revell and her life would never be the same.

Scarlett, who found her mother, suffered greatly from her mother’s suicide. She, after subsequent hospitalization, needed to be sure she had everything planned out, all contingencies covered. Her purse was the outward sign of this turmoil as it was huge and had a little bit of everything in it –  her just in case purse as Revell called it.

What Scarlett didn’t realize was that Revell was her just in case person. He was always there to support her and help her, even when she didn’t want him to be.

We all have a just in case person. In some cases, you may have heard stories of friends saying “if we aren’t engaged/married/settled down by a certain age, we’ll stay together as more than friends.” Just in case the future doesn’t pan out the way I think it should, you’ll be there for me. The “just in case” person – always there for you.

I had to stop and think long and hard if I had a just in case in my life. I am sure I have had several but right now, at this exact point in my life, my just in case is in the process of moving. I know we will never be more than friends – which makes him an odd just in case – but he would do anything for me. He and I have known each other just about 20 years and I would do anything for him also. I care for him so much I told him I was not his best choice at one point in his life. I told him I could not support him the way he would need going forward in his life to make the changes he was planning. Looking back now, that was the best thing I could do for both of us. His life has been wonderful and mine has also. We lost touch for a bit but now communicate more frequently and he always holds a place in my prayers.

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