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Coffee, Anyone?

About ten days ago, I ran out of coffee in my house. Now, my normal pattern is to get up in the morning and immediately make a French press of coffee. I prefer a dark roast. I drink the entire press, about three mugs, without any additives. Black and dark – just how I like my coffee.


Anyway, I was a little broke. Just how you get to be a little broke is beyond me but I was. I didn’t want to spend what little cash I had on coffee and wasn’t sure I had enough money to buy coffee anyway. I decided for about seven days to make a huge mug of tea instead. Out of those seven days, I made a tea with caffeine in it four of them. The other three I drank an herbal tea. Then, I got sick of hot tea in the morning and just stopped. I’d get up and have a huge glass of ice water.

Yesterday, I had my first coffee in ten days. It was good but I wasn’t craving it. I didn’t feel like I needed the coffee to get my day going. This morning I got up and did my morning ritual items and was up for almost four hours before I made coffee.

I guess I have learned that I do not need coffee to get the day going but that I enjoy drinking coffee.

Have you ever given up coffee or tea? Do you like hot or cold beverages in the summer heat?

3 thoughts on “Coffee, Anyone?

  1. Hot coffee, black and bold, any time of day, any type of weather. I literally can’t get enough.

    In all honesty, I should probably try to cut back, but I just don’t want to.

  2. This morning was a Folger’s moment in our house. The aroma of brewing coffee awakened the sleeping teenagers. Although we don’t drink Folger’s.. Anyway I enjoy coffee. I don’t drink it every day and the type I drink iced or hot depends on the outside ambient air temperature…

    Tea is ok but definitely not my favorite. Sometimes its nice for a change of pace.

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