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Summer Reading Programs

I love to read. I’ve never hidden that fact and, if you visit my house, there is physical proof of my love. I do not have enough book shelves for all my books.

As a child and teen, I loved the public library. Of course, that was well before the internet and definitely pre-ebooks. I would, as a young mother, take my kids to the library. While I like having ownership of books, I’ okay with borrowing and loaning. Only a few – relative when you see the totality of what I own – are required returns.

Many years ago – maybe as far back as ten years – the two libraries in my town formed, via a public vote, a library taxing district. Funding from other areas was diminishing. Even with the advent of electronic research and books, libraries still needed money to run.

I look forward to the spring/summer newsletter from these two libraries as I’ve always looked forward to summer reading programs. I enrolled my children in them all the time. I love to see what themes are being used and how children’s reading has adapted to electronic formats.

This time I was excited to see adult summer reading programs also. This may not be the first year but it is the first time it caught my eye. Your Home Public Library has a program that requires adults to read three books to gain entry into giveaways. The George F Johnson library, the one I go to, has audlts reading five books to be entered in a drawing. George F is also hosting dinner and a book on August 4th. Registration packets are available June 29th so you know where I’ll be on the 29th – literally running to the library.

Do you visit a library frequently? What about participating in a summer reading program?

One thought on “Summer Reading Programs

  1. I used to go to the library all the time! At my old job, I had a lot of down time, and reading beat staring at the wall every single time. Now that I’m working for myself, I don’t make as much time for reading as I’d like (and when I do, I have a stack of about 8 books I own that I need to read before heading back to the library).

    Can’t wait til the baby gets a little older though, because we will be that family loading up as many books as possible every week or so to read and return!

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