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Not Just Soft – Charmin Ultra Soft Review

On the Wall
On the Wall

Disclaimer: I received a package with four rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper as a Bzz Agent. Any interaction about the product contains my own views and opinions.

I was a little skeptical at first about trying Charmin Ultra Soft. I have a septic system and have used single ply toilet paper for years. Even with that, I have had to tell children to go easy on the toilet paper used for each flush.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I like the feel of Charmin Ultra Soft. Not only is it soft, it is strong enough that I do not have to use a lot of toilet paper, even when having a bowel movement.

The septic system has held up really well to the Charmin Ultra Soft.

Additionally, I love the flower design embossed on the Charmin Ultra Soft. It is nice to have toilet paper that is not just plain.

Charmin is great for helping others. You can go to the Charmin Relief Project. When you request a coupon, you help supply firehouses around the country with Charmin toilet paper.

I would strongly recommend Charmin Ultra Soft to anyone out there looking for a good toilet paper.

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