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Do you always think about what if I did this? What if I had done that? Where would I be now? This year I am going to hold with a #NoExcuses mantra.

No Excuses
No Excuses


If you recall my talking briefly about a coaching call with Tara Newman my last post, one of the things I found myself saying and thinking as we talked was “that’s an excuse.” I do not recall the exact question she asked but I answered it and then said but that is just an excuse. Or I would start the answer off with “I don’t want to make excuses but.”

I want 2015 to be the year I do not let excuses get the best of me. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. We all have goals and dreams and work and life we want to fit into those hours. I am going to make mine happen this year. Now to get out of this stuck, circling mode and get going – what my call with Tara was all about, getting unstuck.

On top of training for some awesome races, I am going to get more organized here about blogging. I have fallen behind on some of my accountability and need to get that moving so that I can have an awesome year. I want to feel like I do not have all the burdens I sometimes imagine – even if these are real, they are excuses – are weighing me down. I want to run regularly which I am working on already.

I think the reason #NoExcuses works for me so well is because one of my least favorite questions in life is “How did you do it?,” generally in response to the number of children I have raised. I have six children that are ten years apart, oldest to youngest. My basic response has always been “you do what you have to do.” You cannot make excuses. You just have to do whatever it is when it comes to parenting. I want that attitude to merge into the rest of my life.

Are you taking part in #NoExcuses this year? Whether you are or you aren’t, what does that mean to you?

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