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Product Review – @EnduranceShield

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Endurance Shield to see if I wanted to review their product. I was provided with a 4 ounce container of their sunblock and a lucky reader will also receive a direct-from-Endurance Shield sunblock.

Sunscreen tends to be the bane of an athlete’s existence. As a runner, I wear sunscreen all the time. People sometimes presume, since I live in the northeast, that I do not utilize sunscreen in the winter but those sunny winter days can cause more sun exposure issues for me than a partly cloudy summer day due to the extra sun bouncing off the snow we get.

My biggest issue with sunscreen is that I sweat, a lot. I hate getting sunscreen in my eyes as it, along with body sweat, stings. Being an allergy sufferer, my eyes get enough of a beating without extra reasons to be red and to water. Enter Endurance Shield.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

I have been using Endurance Shield SPF 45 sunblock for approximately three weeks now. One of those weeks has been since landing in the desert Southwest of California, outside Palm Springs. I have used this sunblock on its own, as a moisturizer – both under and without makeup, and over my normal moisturizers – yes, plural as I use something different for body and face.

When I run or bike, I do not have to worry about this sunblock running into my eyes. I love the fact that it does not run. I am not worried, here in the desert, about running when the sun gets out a little and it warms up as the sunblock is not running. I also do not have to worry about those parts of the back of my arms – when the lowest temperature I have seen here was 70 and that was at 5 am – that have minimal sun exposure, unless in a swimsuit, until it is singlet season.

I am of an age where I seldom go without facial moisturizer for any amount of time. I will wash my face in the morning and immediately put moisturizer on. I have, instead of moisturizer, put the Endurance Shield sunblock on. My face doesn’t get that tight, “I need moisturizer” feeling. I have also used this product as a leg and arm moisturizer until I could get to the store to purchase new moisturizer.

One lucky reader is going to his or her own Endurance Shield Sunblock. You can enter below using the rafflecopter link. I am sure there is a difference but I use the terms interchangeably. I need to get myself some more Endurance Shield and am looking to also get some lip balm and a few other items.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review – @EnduranceShield

  1. I hate when sunscreen runs in my eyes too. I also don’t like the sticky feeling some sunscreens leave behind.

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