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Always Learning

I have always said that learning is important. You need to keep learning all the time. When you stop delving into new subjects, you stagnate. Lately, I’ve been looking into college credits. About 18 months ago, I applied to go back to college and get my MBA but then decided I should wait until the kids were done with college first. That will make twice I was accepted into an MBA program and twice I choice to put it off.

Now, I’m thinking that an MBA or any college degree may not be a great idea at this time in my life. But I do want to continue to learn so I have accumulated a number of websites that offer free learning.


Open Course Ware (OCW) is a site that hosts several free e-books, articles and courseware from some of the leaders in open content. There is also a listing of management training courses.

Coursera offers free courses from over 107 partners. Over 5.3 million have taken courses through Coursera. One course I am particularly interested in is offered through the University of Virginia and involves an introduction to the world of historical fiction. I love reading historical fiction and think I would enjoy this type of a course.

EdX offers courses from some of the major universities in the US. I have found some amazing courses here, including one on the Letters of Paul and one on public health. I will learn plenty from courses on this site.

Do you believe in lifelong learning? Do you know other sites that allow you to take courses for free? 

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