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Day Lilies

Last Friday I spent several hours walking around a backyard about 8 miles from my home. The people have day lilies and tons of them – a magnitude of varieties and some that they, themselves, have created. Because I am great at killing almost anything, I did not take down names as I did not want to bring any to my home. I would love to have the lilies but not the responsibility of trying to keep them alive.

Just off the deck as we headed out to look at lilies
Just off the deck as we headed out to look at lilies

I took close to 150 photos so you are just going to get a little taste.

107F and that was in the shade
107F and that was in the shade












The first set of lilies we came to were new ones. These had been planted just two years ago and this was their first year blossoming.

Overall Bed
Overall Bed

new2 new3




After we saw the new bed, we got into the older beds. The lady of the house endured the heat with us, naming varieties as we went along. Both of the other ladies with me were writing down names to see if the DeForests were willing to part with particular lilies. You can look at the rest of the photos for here below. If you want to see more of the beauty, you can see an album full of them on my Flickr.

group1 group2 group3 yellow small group purple individual2 individual

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