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There Are No Words

I’m a runner. Right now, that is probably enough. I was not at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I watched live streaming coverage on my laptop. Three years ago, though, was a different story. I was at approximately mile 26 of the marathon waiting for a friend to cross the finish line. While I may never qualify for Boston, I will go back and spectate again some day.


The year I went to Boston to watch the marathon there were travel issues with many athletes. Some do train and train and never get to run that race as anticipated.

First, I cannot imagine the heartache of those who trained and trained – yes, even if you qualify, you will train specifically for the conditions in Boston – and couldn’t get to the US due to air traffic issue with the volcano. … I spoke with a woman who had turned her bib in as she had pneumonia and couldn’t run this race.  It is tough when you set a goal and something out of your control does not allow your work to allow you to achieve the goal.

From my Boston post in 2010


This year was different. This year people started the race and were not allowed to finish.


Marathons are different than other sporting events.

I have been to a few collegiate games that were playoff or NCAA tournament games.  These were games, played in either stadiums or rinks.  There were tickets involved and costs other than travel.  The Boston Marathon is different.  It is held in several communities that the runners run through.  I am sure that each town, in other words along the entire marathon course, had people along the roads.  The crowds were five to six deep along the main streets in Boston itself – Hereford and Boylston – possibly along other also.

Again from my 2010 post


The crowds stand deep along the sidewalks near the finish line.  Where we were in 2010, there were easily 8-10 people deep or more. These people included adults, children, people in lawn chairs, runners who had already finished.

Once a person’s interest – at least where we were standing at approximately mile 26 – ran by, that person would let the next person in the front.  I was way in the back but by the time my friend was close, I was right up at the barricade.  When I left the barricade, my friend Lynette moved up to look for her sister.


While what happened yesterday is unspeakable, it could have been so much worse.

Mile 26 in 2010
Mile 26 in 2010


Pray for those injured – both physically and mentally – by this senseless attack. Go run with your friends and family.



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