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Racing into 2013

How far in advance do you plan your races? I’ve been guilty of registering months in advance – mostly to take advantage of lower registration fees. I’ve also been guilty of registering the morning of the race – mostly for short (5Ks), local races.

I am sitting here at the end of October 2012 and am planning, plotting my 2013 calendar. Unfortunately, a lot of this will be pretty fluid until next year as I figure out where my kids are and if I can travel the particular weekends I am thinking of traveling. The only 2013 race set in stone so far is the Blue Ridge Marathon on April 20th. So, on top of planning out a race calendar, I am also planning out a training schedule.

I need multiple calendars to get all of this information down along with work deadlines, blog deadlines, Board of Education meetings/deadlines. I am actually toying with creating Google events for everything and emailing all this to myself. That way everything will be on my phone.

My first consideration was did I want to try something different. I was all set to run just three days a week as I trained for the Amica Marathon in October which I ended up not running because of summer injury. Do I think I can do the three runs a week training plan justice during the winter in Upstate NY? I have basically decided to stick with a tried and true, 18 week, 5 runs a week plan. I have used Hal Higdon novice, intermediate 1 and intermediate 2 previously. I also modified his multiple marathons strategy to run my two marathons in May of 2012. I am going to plot out my training schedule based on the intermediate 2 program.

I will need to modify this training plan ever so slightly to get myself some additional hill workouts due to the terrain of the marathon I am training for but other than that, I will stick to the plan pretty much.

Do you plot out lengthy training plans? Are you a rigid, follow the schedule trainer or a flexible, do the best you can as close to the plan trainer? Do you use a running coach or a program online or just design your own training schedule?

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