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Dr. Scholl’s Heels for Her Review

Just a disclaimer. I am a BzzAgent. You can find out more at I was given one set of inserts and coupons – which I have given away – in exchange for sharing my experience with the product.


Slowly but surely, I am getting together an outfit to wear to my son’s August 31st wedding. First it was the dress. Next the shoes! Wait! Shoes? Am I going to be able to keep my shoes on the entire night? Guess I better head out to a store and pick up a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Heels for Her.

I tested Heels for Her in one of my favorite pairs of shoes in the month of June. These shoes were always my favs when I first bought them. They are three years old now and tend to make my feet hurt these days when I wear them. They have been worn a lot.

I put the Heels for Her in and it was almost like I had a new pair of shoes. I could wear them for an entire evening and not have problems with my feet. I told friends about these. I have to say that if you have to wear heels for work on a daily basis, I would have a pair of these in every pair of heels.


I strongly suggest going out and getting a set of Heels for Her for your pairs of heels. Your feet will thank you.

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