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Editorial Calendar

Two years ago when I was first elected to the Maine-Endwell Board of Education, I wrote a lot about losing my voice. There were a lot of school issues I wanted to write about but felt compelled to hold quiet. I have definitely gotten over that issue. I have, though, found times lately when writing about anything has just seemed like work. I know writing is work but I don’t want it to seem that way.

To aid myself, I thought an editorial calendar would be perfect. I know. I am not some huge blog. What could I possibly need an editorial calendar for? Well, for starters, an editorial calendar gives me a topic to think about, to write about. Second, I probably will not follow this strictly. Since my blog is mine, I don’t need to adhere to a strict schedule. Third, I am only using topics, something broad, for this “calendar.” I am not giving myself specifics to research and write about.

So, do you use an editorial calendar? If so, what pushes it? You? Sponsors?

Here is my schedule:

Monday: Weekend Wrap Up/Coming Week Highlights/Family
Tuesday: Product/Book Reviews, Recipes
Wednesday: Running Related Items
Thursday: Educational Related Items
Friday: Running Related Items

What else would you include?

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