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Buffalo Goals

Sometimes I think I set goals that are too lofty. That is probably what a lot would say of my starting with the 5 hour pace group in Pittsburgh. I think that goals need to be a stretch to keep a person trying to do better.

Since Pittsburgh, I have been thinking non-stop about what my plan will be for Buffalo. I want a PR out of one of these two marathons this month. I have finally decided that I will run 6 minutes and walk 45 seconds. If my legs are feeling good or I have walked through a water station, I reserve the right to start running sooner than 45 seconds. I will also walk through all water stations.

I am putting this out there as I have done the math. I have estimated my slow times on long runs and averaged with really quick long runs. I have taken into consideration what my legs feel like or have felt like over the past couple of weeks. I am estimating I can finish Buffalo in under 5:30. My actual goal is 5:28. That will get knock 16 minutes off my full marathon PR.

Do I think this is reasonable? Certainly. Do I think this is attainable? Definitely.

Secondarily, my goal would be to PR so better than 5:44. My tertiary goal will be to finish.

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