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Eight Weeks

I cannot believe that my third marathon – Pittsburgh – will be in eight weeks. Better than that, my fourth marathon will be in 11 weeks. What was I thinking?

I am just about to start my peak weeks of training. I have a 50 mile week on the schedule this week. I am excited as we are having spring and early summer weather this week so getting in all those miles will be easier than in winter but will include a whole new mindset and set of challenges. I know you all are thinking I am just complaining but no. It does take a body some time to get use to warmer, more humid weather. I am glad I am getting the chance now, ahead of my races.

My training plan is a bit odd as I have worked races in that I want to run. I will have two 50  mile weeks but three weeks apart as there are a couple local races – a 15K and a half marathon – I am running in that three week period. Then, it is taper time from there down to the first May marathon. That taper time will include Easter (expect an update on my daughter and my meat-free Lent), my youngest’s final school production (“Grease” where I am the box office), and the youngest’s trip to SkillsUSA state competition.

I promise to be more regular with my writing. I have just been very busy in life.

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