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Off Season?

I recently sat in on a Twitter Chat with Bart Yasso. Yasso is an accomplished runner and now works with Runner’s World. He is an author and developed the marathon training technique bearing his name, Yasso 800s. Anyway, the comments in reply to many questions mentioned an off season.


What is this off season? If I am not racing, I am training for a race … all year round. Maybe I am strange. I know I have not been running all that long, with my first race having been in December of 09. I do, regardless of how I feel about them, run a lot of 5Ks in the summer but I do not call summer my “season” for running. I run several half marathons but do this throughout the year, starting in March or April. I plan, this upcoming January, on running a 10K freeze series.


I guess what I am asking is when is running season. I didn’t know running had a season. In the high school here locally, there is a cross country in the fall. Some schools have indoor track for a winter sport. Spring brings outside track and field. I do not see a season here. If you live in the southwest, my guess is January and February are big marathon months as the weather is cooler. In the northeast, fall is the time for the big races.


Someone needs to let me know if I am missing my running off season.


Do you participate in a sport? Do you run? Do you have a season? An off season?

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