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Ever Stride SPF 29 Skin Defense – Product Review

Just a being upfront note for all of you.  I won a prize package from Charlene’s blog.  The prize package was from Ever Stride so I received this item for free.  I was not/am not under any obligation to write a review or for that review to be positive.

Let me tell you upfront that I was skeptical when I received the box from Ever Stride as a prize winner on Charlene’s blog.  I can always use anti-chafing stick.  My feet, like most runners, should be demanded some additional attention.  But, it was the Skin Defense that caught my eye.  I am almost religious about putting sunscreen on when I run.  It is not that I have ever had skin cancer.  I do not have any immediate family member that has had skin cancer either.  I just know that I have treated my skin not so nice when I was much younger and now, for myself AND to set an example for my children, I almost always wear sunscreen when I am outside.  I even put sunscreen on my ears and on during the winter here in upstate New York.

Ever Stride’s Skin Defense has an SPF of 29.  It is a spray that does not require rubbing into the skin.  It protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  Those are the boring details.  They also may be the part that had the skeptic in me coming out immediately.  I go through a lot of sunscreen in a year.  With six kids – okay, so only three are currently at home full-time, I have tried all kinds of sunscreen.  I have never been satisfied with a spray.

Ever Stride’s spray sunscreen is all I have used for the last three weeks on my face, neck, ears, arms and legs.  I love it.  The nozzle never once clogged.  Because it is a spray, I can get some of those hard to reach areas that sometimes get burnt on my back (some women’s tanks leave a lot of back exposed).  Because I do not need to rub it in, I can also spray those back areas.  I can use it on my face by spraying it in my hand and rubbing it into my face.

Ever Stride’s Skin Defense is not sticky.  It does not feel oily either.  Both stickiness and an oiliness are things that I have felt with other spray sunscreens that had caused me to stop using them.

I highly recommend Ever Stride’s Skin Defense to runners and non-runners alike.  I have been thoroughly impressed with the way it works and how well it has kept  me from getting sunburned.

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