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I know I have asked this question before and few things have changed since those posts.  How do you measure success in weight loss?  Most people will respond with a number on a scale – how much someone weighs.  I have to be totally honest. I do not own scales.  I have never owned scales – probably was a really good thing when I was pregnant with the twins as I went into labor at 212 pounds.  I do now have access to scales at kick boxing once a week.  I do tend to weigh myself every now and then but the number is not what I am looking for.

I say a number is not what I am looking for but that is probably not 100% honest.  I dropped a good deal of weight as I was training for my first marathon – one that I did not run.  I was really excited when I got weighed at the walk-in and thought the scales at kick boxing were off by six pounds.  This weight was within eight pounds of my goal weight – I know you are wondering how someone without scales can have a goal weight.  Me, too.  I still, six months later, not lost those eight pounds – despite training and running a marathon in February.

I measure success in weight loss by tone.  How do my clothing fit me?  Another thing that helps me gauge how I am going is my wrist size.  I put my Garmin Forerunner on this morning and moved it one notch smaller than I have ever put it since I got it as a birthday gift last September.

I am feeling better than I ever did when I was heavier. I am not at my goal weight, which – to be perfectly honest – is probably still a few pounds heavier than any chart says I should be.  I am happy with me!

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