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Takes a Village …

… to host a marathon.

We hear all about the runners.  They MUST qualify by completing one of many different marathons within a certain time, based on the runner’s age.  They come from the US and from other countries.  They run for themselves, for others, for charities.  They wear all kinds of technical running gear or dress as Minnie Mouse or Elvis.  The runners are THE reason for the marathon.

BUT without the thousands of volunteers, the 25,000 runners would be nowhere.  In honor of the volunteers, here are some photos from before the marathon started.

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10 thoughts on “Takes a Village …

    1. Tracy – I agree with you! A lot of these photos were taken so I could remember the parts of the marathon that the runners didn’t see – the prep.

    1. I have to be honest and say I hadn’t given it a lot of thought from the back end – the volunteers – until I saw them all on Monday.

    1. You are brave, Corinne. I would be scared to take small children with me into that crowd. But then, I guess I use to on a smaller scale when my children were little.

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