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My Bags Are Packed

No, the bag is actually just sitting open on my bed.  No, I am not “leaving on a jet plane” – that is way too iffy these days.  I am, though, leaving for a few days.  I will soon be heading into town to pick up a friend and then, we are heading to Boston for a few days.

Why Boston?  Why now?  Many reasons.  First and foremost, her sister and a good friend of mine are both running the Boston Marathon on Monday.  We are going to see some small portion of their accomplishment!  Boston is a huge road race.  They only allow 25,000 runners and those 25,000 runners must qualify by running a qualifying marathon in a qualifying time.  Time is based on your age.

On top of all that, this particular year, registrations closed in the shortest amount of time ever.  By mid-November, the total number of spaces were taken and registration closed.  It did not matter if you were qualified or not, you were not running the 2010 Boston Marathon.

There will, upon my return, by photos of Boston and photos of the marathon I am sure.  There will be witty words about sightseeing and hotels.  There will probably be a few things said about traffic and cities, too, as traffic where I live is two or more cars at a stop sign.  All that said, I cannot wait.  Boston is one of two major metropolitan areas in this country that I love.  The other – being a bi-coastal girl – is San Francisco.

You may get some writing from me this evening as I try to get to sleep but don’t expect much until Thursday!!

12 thoughts on “My Bags Are Packed

  1. Have a wonderful time!! The weather is looking good for tomorrow 🙂 Enjoy it! I hope to take the kids down for the marathon when they get a bit older…

  2. Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait to go back next year. I love Boston – as a city, and strangely enough, Belinda, also love San Francisco – and this was just inspiring. I am currently getting photos off my camera and you can expect the next few days to be full of posts about the trip.

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