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While I was left sadly longing for the good ol’ days after the Super Bowl and the lack of fantastic, move me to laughing uproariously or move me to tears commercials, I found that the Winter Games have filled the niche.  Many of the commercials running on NBC’s weak – for another post – Olympic coverage are just your average commercials.  One company has managed to take the marketing of both Olympic athletes and the pull of moms to a fantastic high point.

Proctor and Gamble has always been a marketing marvel.  I have studied them in detail in many marketing classes.  They know their niches – their product lines are so numerous there is not just one niche – and they play up their products amazingly.  Olympic commercials include DayQuil and NyQuil ones with Apolo Anton Ohno in them.  These are okay but seem to just be playing on the popularity of the athlete, not on the products’ attributes.

On the other hand, check out the commercial below.  It is about Proctor and Gamble in general.  Not only did it make me take notice, it brought tears to my eyes.

To top it all off, P&G also has a “family home” at the Vancouver 2010 games.  This is a place for the family of US athletes to congregate and share experiences.  You can see what goes on by visiting ThankYouMom.com.

8 thoughts on “Commercials

    1. I wrote this yesterday and scheduled it to post this morning. Last night, I saw another commercial from Chevy – similar but not quite as poignant.

      Glad you liked the commercial, Aidan!

  1. Nicki. I cried at this one, too! I just made a similar comment to my husband last night about how the Olympic commercials are way better than the SuperBowl ones. I’ve always enjoyed the VISA commercials, too. And I saw the Chevy one you are referring to, about how you carry them? Good stuff.

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