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Another Day, Another Drama

The drama started back on Wednesday.  I just always figure it will work itself out so I let it go.  Unfortunately, #5 seems to be getting a lot of press lately – at least here on my blog.

#5 is a diver.  While he has only hit the diving board a hand full of times, there are accidents and injuries that come with the jarring of the diving board on your body, your legs.  He has had these injuries, including a small tear of the meniscus a couple of years ago.  Strangely enough, that came as a result of swimming, not diving.

Photo Courtesy of the International Swimming Hall of Fame

Lately, he has been complaining of knee pain.  #5 spent Florida’s coldest week this year in Fort Lauderdale at the Merriweather Resort and diving at the Hall of Fame pool.  Two days, it was too cold to dive.  Diving is different than swimming as you will find yourself out of the water for a lengthy period of time while awaiting your next turn on the board.

On Wednesday, I received a text message.  Parents, take heed!  When a 19year old texts you asking for a favor, it is most likely going to be something you wish to not do.  I was figuring money, a text book he had found online and didn’t have the money for or something along those lines.  I was wrong.  The team would land in the Albany area about 10:30 pm that night and he had off until noon today.  Could I get him a doctor’s appointment and pick him up on Thursday morning?

I hemmed and hawed.  Wouldn’t it be better to see a doctor up there?  The orthopedist, who is the doctor he should really see, is booked solid.  It will be at least Tuesday before he could see #5.  The good news is that we have three cars and three licensed drivers so I managed to convince #3 to pick up #5 on Thursday morning while I was at a weekly breakfast with friends.  I got an appointment with his primary care physician for yesterday afternoon and the plan was set in motion.

So, on short notice, #5 has managed to see his doctor, get an x-ray of his knee and, in just a few short minutes, head to the hospital for an MRI.  He has a doctor’s excuse to not dive this weekend which really sucks for both him and his team.  Hopefully, it is just pain.  Some of us live with it daily.  Hopefully, he can get cleared and finish out his season.  Hopefully, the drama ends soon.

4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Drama

    1. Thanks, Gary! Was over there looking. I should have taken a picture of you while you were here. Where are my manners?

    1. Monique – I am hoping it is another minor tear or some such small issue. Even though he did not want to, his older sister just left to take him back to school as I think he should travel with the team whether he is able to compete or not and they have an invitational this weekend.

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