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Help is a four letter word.  When a natural disaster strikes, four letter words abound.  Most of them are such that we should not repeat them in public but we may swear.  We may cry and sob – three letter words that relieve stress and sometimes cause additional, different stress.

I would like to suggest a six letter word that will work with HELP ACTION!

Take some action to help Haiti.

I want to encourage you to find out all you can about various relief efforts.  I have put some links below that will give you a start on ways to help.  And, while I do not have a lot of money, I will donate between 50 cents and $1.00 for each comment made here to Catholic Relief Services.  The head of the Catholic Relief Services effort in Haiti is from the area I live in.

I will count comments from now until noon on Monday, January 18th.  I would love to donate more but I have to be responsible.  The total amount I will donate will not exceed $100.00 as that is all I can manage at this point in time.

Please see if you can either blog about relief efforts for Haiti.  See if you can email friends about the relief efforts.  See if you can HELP!

Partners in Health

Doctors Without Borders

Catholic Relief Services

American Red Cross

16 thoughts on “HELP

  1. Steve – you are hysterical! I hope I hit the huge number but Yup! For right now, single word comments will count… 🙂

  2. Nicki, so great that you’re doing this! I read what Kelly Diels wrote after I posted my thoughts on Haiti and tacked on an addendum to my post to join her blog challenge. I feel that the outpouring of support from so many people in many countries helps not only Haiti and its survivors but also those of us who are watching and want to believe that humanity is capable of greatness.

    1. My community has some strong ties to Haiti. Back last April, two of the people shot in a mass killing at the American Civic Association were immigrants from Haiti. Their children are still here being raised by family. I want to help where I can.

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