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You CAN Go Back

I have written a lot about going back to my hometown the past five or six months.  You see, I was brought up in my grandmother’s home.  When she died 15 years ago Thursday, I went back to my hometown for the last times.  I spent 15 years only going in and out to sporting events at the high school.  I don’t know why but I didn’t see the beauty of the small town.

This past summer was my 30th class reunion and I went home.  More surprisingly is I loved it in Owego.  It was not the love that made me want to buy a house along the river – although those old homes with hidden closets and trails from the Underground Railroad have always impressed me.  It was the love of I need to visit here more often, and I have.

Small Town USA

Visiting the Past

A Visit Home

Thoughts on a Trip Home

Hose Races

Hose Races – Part 2

Yesterday, I took another trip home.   A good friend of mine wanted to get out of the house so he checked with me and we made arrangements to head to Owego to take pictures.  We wandered around town and below are some of the shots I got.

We spent the first part of our walk on the River Walk, a new walking area along the Susquehanna River.

5 thoughts on “You CAN Go Back

  1. funny sometimes as times passes, the more appreciative of hometown we get. I absolutely hated growing up in a small town, and couldn’t wait to leave. Now that I have my own family, I love going back.

    Love the Christmas tree made of books!

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