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Visiting the Past

I have to admit that I do not get back to my hometown all that often.  I only live about 20 minutes from Owego, which, by the way, is Budget Travel’s Coolest Small Town in America.  Why don’t I go back?  Who knows?  I do have some extended family still there but I tend to only go down for high school sporting events and funerals it seems.

This past weekend that all changed.  While I was a little apprehensive about it, I went home for my 30th – that is hard to write – high school reunion.  Not only did I have a blast, I am already making plans to go back to hear a classmate perform at the same location where we had dinner on Saturday night.

I haven’t kept in touch with hardly any of my high school friends up until now.  Maybe it is that realization that we are getting older or maybe it is just the right time in my life.  Who knows – seems to be appearing frequently in this post – why but I am happy I made the reconnections this year.

The weekend started off with an icebreaker at The Parkview.  It was wonderful seeing so many classmates and old friends.  We have all changed so much and yet, so many of us remain close enough to the same that I could easily recognize many.  I wish I had thought to take business cards with me on Friday night as there were many people who didn’t come on Saturday night that I would love to stay in touch with.

Saturday was the big event.  There were even more at this dinner and dancing than at the ice breaker.  We had delicious food at Tioga Trails Cafe.  My tortellini primavera was outstanding.

My sister, who is two years younger than I am, called on Sunday.  She had recently been up to visit and was amazed I had decided to go to my reunion.  I couldn’t explain why I wanted to go but I knew I wanted to.  She wanted details of how the weekend went, who was there.  All she could say when I finished was “are you sure you had a good time?”  I did.  I would do it ALL again without a second thought.  She is just thinking of ways to get out of even thinking about going to her 30th in two years.

If you are reading this and are in the OFA Class of ’79, leave a comment and a way I can get a hold of you if I don’t have that information already.  If you are in the midst of trying to decide if you want to go to your class reunion – whether 5, 10, 20, or 30 years, I say GO!  You will be amazed at what the people you spent your past with are doing now.  You will also be amazed at the friendships you can rekindle or maybe just start to develop.

And, to that group of seven people who worked hard on this reunion, THANK YOU!  You all did a wonderful job!!!

10 thoughts on “Visiting the Past

  1. Nicki, It warms my heart to read this. I am glad you came. Im glad too that you had fun. I wish more local people would attend. They truely dont know what they are missing, do they?

  2. You are undoubtedly right, Audra. Those, especially those who are close, don’t know what they missed!

  3. … becuase then I wouldn’t hit “enter” before I was done. Great seeing you again – definitely keep in touch! And Audra and the rest of the committee – you did a phenomenal job, thanks again for organizing everything!

  4. I felt the same way in our 30th OFA (class of 78) reunion last year. So many old friends became new friends all over again and people I hardly knew in our class became close friends now! I am STILL talking and chatting with these people. We are already heavily engaged in planning our 35th and I certainly hope to see just as large of a gathering with that one.

    It is all about connections!

  5. Okay guys…we blew it, and the teenagers in this house make plans, so we couldn’t get away, or shall we say, chose not to take that risk! Massachusetts isn’t all that far, and I’m regretful we didn’t get there. Isn’t it true, the older we get, the more important it all is.

    Come to New England!

    patti neely and dan innes

  6. Oh Patti – I understand the teenagers running the house as I have several of them. You all did miss a great time, though.

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