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Homily Sunday

I thought of my friends I have recently made through Momalom’s Five for Ten challenge.  I thought of Lindsey at A Design So Vast.  I thought of many friends as I sat in Mass on Sunday.


I hate the readings at the beginning of Advent.  They talk about destruction.  The Gospel talked about the world’s tribulations before the second coming of Christ.  These readings bring me down.  Then, Deacon George began talking.


Deacon George talked about how these readings were meant to bring out what will happen but that, as we wait, as we prepare, we should not distress or stress.  We need not waste the time we have here stressing over what is to come.  We need to be in the moment.  We need to present today, not stressing over tomorrow.


So, while I never thought of waiting as taking away from the here and now, I guess it does.  I will try to be in the here and now.  I will try to be present in my life today.  I will try to be in the moment because it is, after all, the moments that matter.

3 thoughts on “Homily Sunday

  1. This is a lovely sentiment. It is so hard to do though, isn’t it. Because stresses are part of everyday life, including worrying about tomorrow. And waiting. But it is so important that we remind ourselves to appreciate what he have. And we always have so much more than we realize, don’t we.

    1. Oh, BigLittleWolf! You are so right. The worrying is a constant. I have yet to figure out how to get rid of it. I think I have it all figured out and, poof!, it is gone again.

      Waiting is the part that is hardest. We have all become so “instant gratification” oriented it seems. I am always working on this part of my life – personally, professionally.

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