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Thanksgiving Dinner

I finally decided to make up my Thanksgiving dinner menu.  This is actually early for me as I will quite frequently wait until the Sunday of Thanksgiving week to get the menu together and the list in place to do the actual shopping.


My reason for doing an earlier menu this year is that we have a new grocery store in the area.  The locally owned Giant Markets was sold in August and there is still a store that says Giant on it but each trip shows me that the pricing I am use to will no longer be in the area.  Yes, there is more selection and, in some cases, better selection.  The prices, though, on many things are much more expensive.


Due to all of this, I have made the conscious decision to do most of my holiday meal shopping at Wegman’s.  I use to shop at Wegman’s all the time but now just on occasion.  I will let you all know what my total is as I shop.  I encourage you to join the discussion and let me know your menu and the cost to feed however many people you are having at your table this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Dinner



Brussel sprouts with bacon and onion

Cranberry sauce


Green salad (romaine, spinach, tomato, carrot, pepper)

Candied Carrots

Non-candied Carrots

Make ahead mashed potatoes

Apple pie

Pumpkin pie

Wine – I prefer a really nice NYS white (Snowy Owl from Thirsty Owl Winery and a nice Reisling for dessert from Dr Frank’s)


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. The past 13 years we have traveled out of state for Thanksgiving so I’ve never had to do any of the work. This year since our out of state drive will only be about 3.5 hours I’m thinking I can contribute. Maybe I’ll bring some NYS wines and I’d like to make a dessert but I think my FIL is all over that.

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