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For My New Friends

I hope I got the right house.  You see, I have recently started following Jen and Sarah at Momalom.com.  In doing so, I found out that at one point in their lives they lived in Oneonta, where my 19 year old son goes to college.


I had been in Oneonta on Saturday, prior to knowing this, but was back again Monday.  The flu was sending my son packing early for Thanksgiving break.  I did find the house I think they were speaking of and with my mobile took this picture.



This quaint little house is on Church Street in Oneonta.  If it is the incorrect white house, trust me!  I will get it right!!

6 thoughts on “For My New Friends

  1. Nicki!! That’s the house. It is just as darling on the inside as on the out. Sarah, Jen, and their brother Justin, spent many happy hours on the lovely, little front porch, having sleep-overs, reading, playing monopoly, or just daydreaming. Me, too (although not the sleepover part). Thanks for sharing this! Blogging is making this small world even smaller and kind of cozy. : )

  2. momalomsmom – I am so glad it is the right house. I could get a better pic if I had remembered my camera. Thank heavens for my cell phone camera. There were so many white houses right there and I had forgotten to take the number so am glad I got the right one!

  3. Yay! Oh so many memories. That is the house I really grew up in. My window looked out over the street, just above that porch. I tell my own kids stories of the adventures I had in that house. In the fort in the basement, experimenting with new “recipes” in the kitchen, playing in the tent in the backyard. Haven’t been back since we moved away, 24 years ago. But, up, that IS the house. Thank you. 🙂

  4. I was so little in that house. We moved at the end of Kindergarten. No wait, after first grade. So most of my memories are visual references. The door at the bottom of the stairs. My teeny tiny room and leaping onto the bed at night for fear of monsters lurking underneath. The tree out front. Putting on my bathing suit and dancing under that tree in the rain. Oh thank you so very much for these memories!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this. I love the random and rueful connections forged over the internet. What a happy coincidence! I am so thrilled to live a mere block away from where I grew up… There is something magical about looking back to the home in which you became the person you now are… Thanks for this post! (And, yay, Momalom!)

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