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The College Call

Unlike many of my friends, I do get communication from my college freshman frequently.  This is not necessarily the case with some of my other college-aged children but the 19 year old pops up in my IM or on Facebook to tell me what is going on at SUNY-Oneonta frequently.


This story all starts Sunday evening.  I had a friend over and we had decided that we were both old and needed to go out!  We headed to a local hangout – one that, ironically, the 19 year old loves – to try the Dogfish 60 minute IPA on tap.  Both of us are beer fans and this has been on our list for a while.  I also wanted to share this place from my past with my friend.


We headed into Binghamton and were just getting off the highway when the first indication that something was seriously wrong came.  My mobile was ringing.  It is seldom that I get calls from college – IMs, Facebook writings, text messages but seldom actual calls.  #5 was sick and wanted to know if he should go to Health Services in the morning.  I had just been to SUNY-Oneonta on Saturday.  How could he be as sick as he sounded – and truly, when a 19 year old male is not at home but calls Mom because he is sick, it is probably really sick?  Of course, he should go to Health Services.


Monday morning evidently came way too early as a text message came at 8:08 AM with #5 complaining Health Services opened at 8 but didn’t have 8 AM appointments.  He saw the doctor.  I was, by now, moving to the kitchen for breakfast and coffee with a friend.  The phone rang at 8:58 AM.  The campus doctor was sending him home.  He had a temperature of 102.8F.


#5 is generally a healthy kid.  He has had his share of broken bones and sports injuries but I do not ever recall a fever over 101F.  I was concerned.  I didn’t think to ask questions.  I thought, as most mothers do in an emergency, of logistics.


If you do not know, #1 moved home recently.  He is almost 25 and works about an hour away from here.  His vehicle had a flat tire yesterday so he took the Lumina to work.  #3 is a recent college grad who is unemployed and living at home.  She substitute teaches and was at the local high school for the day.  Basically, that meant I looked out into the driveway from the kitchen and found a Ford Explorer with a rear flat and my friend’s car.


I quickly called the high school, got #3 to leave her car keys at the main office.  I had my friend take me to the high school – so much for a quiet Monday morning breakfast and catching up with each other.


The trip up to Oneonta was rather uneventful – thankfully!  I loaded #5 and his dirty laundry and his stripped linens – gotta do loads of laundry today – into the car and headed home.  We made it home by 2 PM and he settled in with the game system.  I settled into having been had – or so I thought – by #5.


Health Services did give him the option of staying on campus and being quarantined in his room, basically.  He would only be allowed to go to the bathroom.  Someone would have to bring him his meals.  He seemed okay playing the xBox.  They had given him acetaminophen and disposable thermometers and cough drops and one mask to be worn in public areas.  He could have stayed at school, I thought.


About 2 AM this morning, my thoughts would change.  Except, being the horrible mother I am, I didn’t hear #5 when he woke up and needed help.  He was dehydrated and burning up.  #1 got him water and acetaminophen.  #5 is still asleep.  I guess it is a good thing he came home.


Hopefully, my morning routine of Lysoling everything in sight will help the rest of us stay healthy!

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