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A Sunday Night Out

Yes, this paragraph has been written before.  Unfortunately, I have found my writing this morning but ADD and disjointed as I started one entry to discuss the college sicky and I ventured into paragraph three here so….

This story all starts Sunday evening.  I had a friend over and we had decided that we were both old and needed to go out!  We headed to a local hangout – one that, ironically, the 19 year old loves – to try the Dogfish 60 minute IPA on tap.  Both of us are beer fans and this has been on our list for a while.  I also wanted to share this place from my past with my friend.

There was a fund raiser going on but we got our pints and sat down to listen to trivia.  I love trivia but did not think that my friend did but we had a blast!  Three pints and one quesadilla later and we were heading to play pool elsewhere.

My friend and I have played pool before but always at a bar … and, always on six foot tables (did I really realize the difference?  nope!).  I took him down to one of the pool halls that my 19 year old frequents when healthy and home from college.  The owner knows my kids but had no idea who I was until I told him.  Is that odd?  Yup but I am okay with it.

What did we find?  We found the Sunday night league had just ended and there was a room full of nine foot tables.

Yes, we played pool.  We played three games.  I played as I always do – like crap – but due to someone sinking the 8 ball at the wrong time, I won one of the three games.

It was  fun night – basically just good food and drink and good company!  Thanks!!!

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Night Out

  1. So, the big question…what did you think about the Dogfish 60 Minute IPA? It is a favorite in this house. But let me just say that the 90 Minute is a bit too heavy for both my husband and myself…and we are dark beer drinkers. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Guinness, or a Black and Tan, or even better? An IRISH CAR BOMB.

    Thinking about drinking pints and playing pool takes me back to pre-husband, pre-kids days. Oh the fun we had. Girls out on the town. One purpose: to have fun. By means of beer and pool? Perfectly Perfect.

  2. The 60 Minute IPA was delicious! I am big on hops in my beer. Love a good hoppy beer (Ithaca Beer Co’s Cascazilla Red or Flower Power are right up there).

    I have a bottle of the 90 Minute in my fridge, courtesy of jassnight. I am thinking tonight might be the night to try it. Will keep you posted, Sarah.

    You are more than welcome to come drink and play pool down here anytime!

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