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Connecting Online

I have met so many people through online connections.  First, there was a small moderator community of maybe 20 women who helped with the running of message boards at OrganizedHome.com.  We were there for each other through thick and thin, even though we lived across the country from each other or some of us closer or some of us further.


When the message boards at OrganizedHome.com closed, I found a group of local moms at a MomsLikeMe site hosted by my local Gannett paper.  This was wonderful because we actually get together in real life too.  Many have been to my home.  Many have been to other things I go to.  We support each other as did my other group of friends.


Now, I am connecting over the next ten days at MomaLom.com.  I know the connection will last more than for five minutes over the next ten days.  I just know new friendships will be forged.  I encourage you all to stop over and see, for the next ten days, what MomaLom is up to.

9 thoughts on “Connecting Online

  1. Yay! Thanks, Nicki. Thanks for being part of our connecting community and for sharing us with your greater one. It’s so amazing, this place. And that photo at the top of your blog? Gorgeous.

  2. Jen – Thanks! The photo is the sun rising a year or so ago out the upstairs window (it had to be opened and it was about 20F but who cares!!!).

  3. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Sort of like stopping over for whole lot of coffee and fabulous conversation. Without having to clean up before, or do dishes after. (On my planet, that’s key.)

    Nice to be here! (Any coffee?)

  4. @BigLittleWolf – always have lots of coffee here. Been buying a new roast, too, so stop by any time.

    @gary – you know it! Not sure, forgot this Friday was the middle school performance, if I will make this week’s happy hour but maybe in Dec, if the weather cooperates.

  5. Hey Nicki – I’d love to stop by, thanks! But I just stopped by now to see how your College Kid is doing. Jeez, if they said they were sending my college freshman “home with the flu” – he’d have to board a plane and fly a few hours. (Not sure which is better. I think being able to be there and take care of them when they’re sick – tiring as it is – that’s better.

    Hope College Kid is well soon!

  6. Thanks, Nicki. Connecting is more important to me now than it ever has been. Widening my community. Finding new faces. New words to read. I am so happy that Five for Ten is working out. I am so happy to have you a part of it.

    I hope you all survive the flu. Plenty of fluids, dear, and rest!

  7. @BLW – College Kid is asleep. He has had good and bad moments today. Fever has come and gone and come back again. I just hope it doesn’t circulate. Thanks for asking!

    @Sarah – Connecting is very important to me, also. I have connected a lot more this year, with others both new and old in my life, than in previous years. Have a pic on my phone of the house in Oneonta – just have to figure how to get it off! LOL

  8. So thrilled that Momalom has brought you to me and me to you. Since I started blogging, I’ve been wandering aimlessly around these woods and there is something wonderful and powerful about the connections that are now being forged. I agree – this will last far longer than five minutes for ten days!

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