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An October Weekend

The past week has seen rain almost every day from what I can remember.  I think I have tried to blot it out and not remember for fear I will shrivel up from overexposure to moisture.

The weekend, on the other hand, was amazing.  The weather was picture perfect.  I could not have asked for better weather to head out of town for the weekend.

I spent Saturday doing this and that.  I dropped my son off at work and then heading over the hill to the Newark Valley Apple Fest.  I left with northern spy apples, fudge and cheese.  YUMMY!


From there I started south on NYS Route 38.  I pulled over to watch about three miles worth of motorcycles head up the highway.  Then, I headed to The Hickories Park in Owego for the Traci’s Hope benefit.


From Owego, I headed north on NYS Route 96B to Ithaca College where I was picking up a friend who was running the Wineglass Marathon today.  While at IC, I took a few shots of Cayuga Lake and the area around the college, including one that looks out towards Cornell University.


We headed to Corning to pick up the registration packet and then to dinner at Market Street Brewing Company.


Sunday morning, we were up bright and early – so it was not truly bright outside and off to Bath, NY.  I am a marathon novice so wanted to see the start along with the finish – and points, at least one, in between.  Philips Lighting hosts the start of the marathon.


I was absolutely amazed, as I left the start area, at the clothing that was thrown on the side of the road.  After talking at length with Andy from Rochester, I understood.  People bring old stuff to keep warm so they don’t care about leaving it behind as they shed their clothing.

My first stop was at the half way point.  I got there well ahead of runners and staked out a spot along the side of the road, before the drink and GU stations.  I walked up a ways on Steuben County 125 and took a number of pictures of fields, tree color, fog, the halfway point marker before returning to hang out with two gentlemen from Rochester who could not run today and who were rooting on friends.


Once I could get out of the school parking lot, I headed to Corning to find parking and stake out a spot at the finish line.  This sport is really cool!  I like that everyone cheers on everyone as they come across the bridge to the finish line.  I watched other people come across the bridge before my friend Steve did and was as happy for all of them as I was for him.  I cannot imagine running 26.2 miles.


The day turned out to be wonderful and I had a great time.  Steve did a fantastic job with the race and I hope to see him run many more.

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