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Adult Children

Now doesn’t that title sound like an oxymoron.  I have always said, jokingly, that once one of my six children gets a college degree there is a sign that lights up over the door that says “No Re-Admittance.”  The sign had been working pretty well until recently.  Now I need to check it and see what has gone wrong.

I understood that any of the kids, upon graduation, would move back in if they did not have a job.  No income, loans due.  I can understand needing a place to live.

I did not expect that my son who has a full-time job in Syracuse would decide the daily commute was a good thing.  He finally, after having been here for about three weeks, admitted his furniture was in storage and his lease in Syracuse terminated.

I was speechless.  There was no question about moving back here.  There was no discussion.  Now I have to figure this mess out.  He needs to pay rent.  He needs to help around the house.

So what do the rest of you think?  Suggestions?

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