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Traveling the US

Spurred by a FB friend saying he is driving cross-country and by Forbes putting out the 25 most visited American tourist attractions, I have been thinking of places I have visited and places I still want to visit.

Out of the top 10 tourist attractions in the US, I have been to half.  I love Fishermen’s Wharf and the Golden Gate National Rec area.  I would visit there all the time if I didn’t live on the other side of the country.

Pics from SF
Pics from SF

On this side of the country, I love going to Boston.  I think Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a little city within Boston.  I could spend weeks there at a time.

I have also been to Times Square multiple times and Niagara Falls many times.

Rainbow as taken from Goat Island
Rainbow as taken from Goat Island

I have also been to the National Mall in DC.

Evidently, I am a consumerism failure as I have never been to Disney World nor to Disneyland.  I have also missed out on the Vegas Strip, though I have been to Reno and to Lake Tahoe.

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