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Associate Justice Ginsburg Undergoes Cancer Surgery

Is anyone else out there seriously scared by this headline?  First and foremost, my prayers go to Justice Ginsburg and her family for a speedy and quick recovery.  Pancreatic cancer and surgery to help eleviate it are hard on a body at any age but at 75, any surgery is serious.


My panic at hearing this news, after prayers for the Justice, went straight to how can President Obama mess up a Supreme Court nomination right now.  He is still settling in to not being one of the law makers and being in the executive branch of the federal government.  He is still making bad choices in his nominees for cabinet-level positions.  How can he segway into making a good choice for Supreme Court?


Of course, GOP stalwarts played up the ability to influence the direction of the Supreme Court as an important part of the general election in 2008.  I do believe that this administration will appoint at least one, if not more, Justices.  I do not believe that it is in the best interest of the country, the best interest of the Supreme Court or the best interest of the administration for the President to have to look at this area of his responsibilities yet.

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