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I have always been really into recycling.  I use to take recycling to a recycling center before the county I live in had curbside recycling.  Each residence in my county receives on bin for curbside recycling.  I have four and, generally speaking, three are filled to the brim each week and the fourth is partially full.

There are other parts to being a good steward of our resources – such as reducing what you use – but those are for a different entry.  This entry is all about recycling.

The local Watchdog blog at Pressconnects.com has an entry today that Binghamton – the “big city” in the county here – has placed recycling receptacles along Main and Court Streets.  These receptacles are an attempt to keep recycling items from the landfill.  This is a wonderful idea as long as it is followed through. There is nothing I hate more than taking the time to recycle something to know that the custodial service puts the recycling in the trash.

Another interesting idea is the RecycleBank that is used in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  The recycling bins in Cherry Hill are actually like a garbage can.  Each that is at a participating residence has a chip in it.  The chip is read when the bin is emptied.  The chip converts the weight of recycling to points which can then be redeemed.  In some neighborhoods, the neighbors split the points the entire neighborhood receives.

Any idea that helps promote recycling is good to me.

5 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. Also don’t forget to Recycle your old cell phones that are just sitting there gathering dust. Please don’t throw them out. Recycle-Cell
    will recycle them for you and help a good cause as well. They will also send you on a free vacation or give you a $1000 grocery coupon book just for your cell phone donation. They even pay for the shipping. Now you can’t beat that!!!!

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  2. Have you seen the Penn & Teller video about recycling? As an avid recycler, it really brought up good points. Now, I’m confused as to what is best for everyone!! Check out my blog, it’s just a little insight.

  3. Glad to hear your thoughts on recycling. One great way to recycle is to hold your own recycling workshop by assembling some recyclable materials, tools and people, and seeing what you can make. You can check out some pictures of my experiments with recycled materials on my site.


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