Just my Thoughts

National Novel Writing Month

Yes, November was National Novel Writing Month.  I don’t recall having heard about this before but I did probably, since Chris Kocher did a piece on some locals last year that were participating.

This year was my first year.  I had all the enthusiasm of someone who found something new.  I love to write so why would this be any different.  I was figuring November would be the perfect month as the election would put an end to long days of work as people took their websites offline. 


Not sure where my thought process, or my typing, went wrong but I made it through November 12th.  I wrote as steadily as I could through that period of time.  I never touched it again after November 12th.  I kept saying, to myself of course, I need to write today.  I just didn’t do it.

First try – 12 days out of 30 – 28 pages – 14,222 words.  I will finish where this attempt will take me but will start anew next November.

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