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Autumn Colors

One of the things I love most about living in upstate New York is fall.  Not the kind our economy is taking but the season of the year.  I am not sure I could live where there are not four distinct seasons.  I have tons of photos of autumn colors.  Now I have a small piece of art.

I had this tag sitting around the house.  I had been saving it to make it into a small piece of art.  I had in mind that I would gesso the tag to get rid of the “Steve & Barry’s” part of it and then I would use a stiff stipple brush to make leaves in all the gorgeous colors on it.  Well, the gesso part went well.  The stippling, not so much.  I started with the lightest color – yellow – and could not get what I was envisioning.

Take two.  I decided that I would use the colors I had out – yellow, orange, cranberry, green and espresso – to color the tag.  I did direct from ink pad to paper, or tag in this case, and here is the end product.  Each side is unique but this is my favorite side.

Autumn Tag
Autumn Tag

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