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October Means Family Weekends

No, not the kind where the whole family comes into town.  October means family weekends at the various colleges my older children attend.  That also means – ROAD TRIP!

This weekend is family weekend at the University at Buffalo.  My 21 year old son is a student at UB.  He is also president of True Blue – a fan club.  Family weekend at UB means football.  As much as I love college football, I am home this weekend as my youngest is on a scout campout and I don’t like being out of reach when he is on these. 

To substitute, my oldest took the almost 18 year old to UB for the weekend – sort of.  The 18 year old left home about 1 pm – he has a senior schedule that colleges are not going to like.  He went to Syracuse to rendevous with the oldest.  They went from Syracuse to Niagara University for the home opener for the men’s hockey team.  The 21 year old at UB has a twin sister at Niagara.  Then, back to the Amherst campus for the night and tailgating today.  The football game promises to be fantastic – UB vs. Army.

As all good parents do, I sent a bundle of food.  I spent two days in the kitchen.  There is apple cake (made two so the oldest could keep one in Syracuse),

chili (either for a meal or for tailgating), Chili

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (because everyone loves them) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

and then fresh picked apples, some pretzels in Halloween bags and some chips that are the same.  There is also the box of requested items – a huge bottle of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, five cans of chicken breast meat, two huge bags of tortilla chips, some hamburger helper, some soup.

I start the baking and cooking all over again next Wednesday as next weekend is family weekend at Niagara University and I will take stuff with me there also.


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