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Fall …

This blog entry has been floating around in my head for a few days.  I would toy with talking it through into my mp3 player, which also has a voice recorder, as I ran because that is when the difference in seasons really hits me.  The colors are so vibrant.  The breeze is stiffer and cooler.  It is coming from a totally different direction.  And, yesterday, the clouds looked more like snow clouds than rain clouds.  Autumn is here.

To that end, I start my fall cleaning.  I know most people have spring cleaning.  The ability to open the windows and air out the stale inside air of the winter helps motivate spring cleaning.  I, though, am an outdoorsy type person.  I am outside as much in fall and winter as I am in spring and summer.  So I clean to help sweep away everything that I missed that was tracked in during the summer months of open windows and open doors.

So to welcome fall to my home, I am changing my table cloth.  I am changing my water goblets – yes, they are plastic but I don’t care.  I am changing my menu as food is different in the fall from in the summer.  I am changing my centerpiece on my table – from a basket of peaches and melons to a basket of apples.  I am changing my candles I burn to cranberry apple and pumpkin spice.  I am changing my routine – from running in the early morning to running in the late morning or afternoon, from having only coffee as a hot drink in the morning to having coffee and a pot of tea.

Happy Fall!

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