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Last Night’s Dinner

This time of year I try to get to a Farmer’s Market almost every day of the week.  This is not always feasible as I do not live near a market and sometimes, getting there when they are open is impossible.  There is, though, less than three miles from my house so within walking distance, a farm stand.  I go to Annie’s Wheelbarrow on an almost twice a week basis. 

Tuesday I was at Annie’s and picked up a dozen ears of corn, two zucchini, one yellow summer squash and three beautiful tomatoes.  Last night was a meal inspired by Val Tokarz’s blog entry Healthy Food Bowls.  While I made spiedies for the boys as they are meat lovers, I made a bowl of veggies for me.  The steps and recipe, with variations, are below.

I started out cutting rounds of both yellow squash and zucchini – about half a squash each.  I brushed the rounds with olive oil and freshly ground pepper over them.  I then put them on the grill.  I also put on two about 3/8 inch rounds of red onion.  The grill smelled fantastic when I opened it to check on doneness.  In the bottom of the big bowl – serving dish, I placed leftover corn cut from the cob after cooking.  Once the zucchini and yellow squash and onion were cooked, I cut these in quarters.  I put them in the bowl on top of the corn.  I then tossed in some quartered wedges of tomato.

Squash Bowl
Squash Bowl

I fully intended to toss this with a balsamic vinagrette but it smelled so good the way it was, I just served it as is.

Serving Plate
Serving Plate

You could also make this a complete meal by adding a bean of some sort.  Chick peas come immediately to mind but a navy bean or black beans would also work.  If you toss in black beans, I would probably also season with some cilantro.   

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