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Comfort Food

If you have ever dieted in your life, other than chocolate the words “comfort food” have probably sent you running, trying to hide from the kitchen.  I know I cringe when winter comes and I am dieing for real homemade mac and cheese or lasagna of any sort. 

Sarah Fuss, over on Yahoo! Food blogs, has a current blog up that makes over ten standard comfort foods.  She visits some of my favorite sites for not so heavy but still so comforting foods.  Her list includes mac and cheese – my ever-present nemesis – and fried chicken.

She also discusses fries – as in french fries – but not with potatoes.  The recipe she links to is with butternut squash.  If you can take the carbs in the potatoes, I suggest sweet potatoes or yams baked with rosemary as fries.

Click on over and see her list.

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