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The New Yorker Cover

July 21 The New Yorker Cover
July 21 The New Yorker Cover

While it seems that the cover of the July 21 edition of The New Yorker is causing quite a stir, I think that it will unfortunately overshadow the article about Barack Obama’s political beginnings.  While reading the online fifteen pages, I am drawn to the fact that Obama has played in the dirt of Chicago politics.  I am also struck that this “outsider” to Washington and to politics is not all that much of an outsider.  Every move he has made since first interning in Chicago during summers at Harvard Law School has been been made with the Presidency of the United States in his mind.  While he has written a book that basically says he is not “into” politics, he wrote it while lining up his first political run.

Like the caricature on the cover or not.  Know that the New Yorker is a reknowned liberal publication.  Dig deeper.  Read all 15 pages of the article.  Get to know the way this man who may be the next President thinks.  Get to know that he is as much a politician as anyone else in the campaign. 

One thought on “The New Yorker Cover

  1. It is nice to know there are others out there (even among artists) that actually read things rather than just listen to a 30 second soundbite. I read back several days on your blog… oh if only more people looked through the Inside the Beltway obfuscation and realized that if their lips are movin’ they are probably lyin’. I think congressional positions and the presidency should be decided by lottery, and if you want it, your name can’t go in! One term, six years, no huge powerbases, and it would be looked on as service to the country, not a great way to cash $20,000 checks at the post office by buying a stamp…oh, sorry, a book of stamps. Oh well, one can always dream.

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