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Did you have a credit card…

I have heard these television commercials constantly over the last week or two and they were driving me nuts.  I have been a member of a class in a class action lawsuit previously.  It had to do with being a member of a record club and being overcharged.  The suit, when settled, resulted my receiving a $5, or some similarly small amount, in check form.

I didn’t run right to the phone when I heard the commercial of a suit against Trans Union – one of the big three credit reporting companies in the US.  I had recently, about three months ago, gotten my annual free credit report and checked it for thoroughness and then moved on.  I regularly check my debit accounts for unauthorized activity as well as other accounts I hold.

Today, I was reading an article on the suit at Yahoo! Finance and decided this was not what I was really hearing on television.  The article explained what Trans Union had done to have a class action suit brought against them.  In my mind, the “ the suit claim of TransUnion violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by selling lists with consumers’ personal and financial information for marketing purposes, a practice they discontinued several years ago” was more serious than just if you had a credit card between these dates. 

I encourage everyone to see if they are eligible to be a part of the class of this particular action.  You can see the action and register to be a participant at https://www.listclassaction.com/.

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