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Challenge and Charm Swap

This month’s charm swap and challenge for Latest Trends in Mixed Media has a Las Vegas theme.  I have had several ideas come into my head since signing up but one keeps coming back to me.  It involves a full-sized die in a wire cage.  I was sure this would be it when I came across a package of ten different colored dice at the local dollar store.

Last night I sat down with jewelry wire, a cork from a bottle of wine to use to form a cage, and my package of dice.  The cage idea was not as easy as I first thought it would be.  So, instead of a cage as I couldn’t get one I liked, I tried to different holdings with the wire of the die.  I am not totally happy with either but am going to post the image as maybe someone can help with what I really want these to look like.  I hate when what I see in my mind’s eye doesn’t happen the first few times. 

2 thoughts on “Challenge and Charm Swap

  1. Linda – Please feel free to link to me. I am off to do some work but am going to be updating my “art” links soon and will be sure you are on there. – NC

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