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More About Gratitude

My Simple Abundance posts are not quite daily.  As the year goes on, they will be come less frequent also.  Just making sure you know.

 As I was reading on the tenth about old cemeteries, several thought quickly ran through my mind.  First was how grateful I was to be alive.  The second thing was maybe this was what put the thought in my head that I wanted to visit old cemeteries and photograph headstones.  I know even my teens think it is weird but I just love the idea of a book of cemetery shots in black and white.

I was also struck by the quote that started the day by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  I have been thinking about her work on grief a lot lately.

January 11th had a new meaning this year.  I truly believe that the US is headed into a recession.  The sentiment that men know how to live with money but women know how to live without it was interesting.  All the while, Sarah Ban Breathnach continued to point out that the most important part of this was gratitude.

Still thinking about recession, the scarcity discussion on the 12th made me think of more recession talk.  It was true that when items get scarce, laser focus comes into play.  When gas goes up to $5 a gallon, the focus will be on ways to conserve, on ways to get around without a car.

As we continue to discuss gratitude, SBB says that she finally realized that it was not security that she was searching for.  She was searching for serenity, for peace.

 The reading on January 14th discusses the one item that Ban Breathnach says is essential to the journey to authenticity – a gratitude journal.  This year I am using a composition notebook I received in an altering swap last year.  It is beautiful.  Every night I will write in it five things I am grateful for.  These things can be anything from the standard health, family – these come to mind when the days are long and tiring and hard – to the flowers and the birds – when days are brighter and lighter.

What are you thankful for?

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