Just my Thoughts

Baby, It’s Cold Outside …

0375.jpgThe first real cold snap is hitting upstate NY right now. It actually started last night. You could feel it. So, when I had to crawl outside this morning to get child #5 to physical therapy by 7 am, it was 1F. Thankfully, the car was parked in such a manner that I didn’t get hit with any wind. I let the car warm up – well, at least run a bit – and headed out to go to PT with my son. The windchill was close to -15F.

I am finding as I get older that cold matters a bit more to me. I love winter. I should say that I love some parts of winter. I am enamoured with snow and with slightly colder weather. I don’t mind the short days and actually love as we climb out of short days into longer ones. I dislike extreme cold – which is what today has been. Unfortunately, it was absolutely beautiful out, albeit cold. The sun shone all day. There was ne’er a cloud in the sky.

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