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Adult Stem Cell Research

It was the name that drew me in, not the topic. The director of religious education at our church had made arrangements – as a teen topic (confirmation students get a choice of these to go to) – for a survivor of adult stem cell transplantation to come speak to the kids. The target audience was to be 15 to 17 year olds. Then, she opened it up to the entire parish. Still, I wasn’t going to spend another night out of the house if it wasn’t necessary.

Then, I opened the bulletin the day before the presentation and saw the name. Was it? It had to be. How many, in an area the size I live in, Carol Franzes could there be? I had worked with her son at my first job in high school. He and I had graduated together. Her daughter was one of my sister’s best friends. If there was any way possible, I was going to get to this talk.

Carol Franz has had two – yes, I said two – adult stem cell transplants. Both times the transplant has put her cancer into remission. She is walking proof that stem cells do wonderful things for people. She is also a walking lobbying force. She gives speeches, talks to presidents, tries to get on television shows. She explains everything in terms people – whatever her target audience is – understand. She is so much the mother of my friends I remember but more.

Please visit carolfranz.com and find out about adult stem cell transplantation. It could save your life or it could save the life of one you love.

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